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Mixed media
Water Under the Bridge Series

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About The Images

These are sculptural drawings created on plexiglas.

I draw hundreds of thousands of polkadots in oil based ink that cannot be erased on both sides of a sheet of plexiglas. I do not trace or copy from photos. These are memory drawings of a specific place and time and flow organically, each dot needing the next to be placed intuitively. Once the drawing is finished, I am not done. I paint with resin in the drawn areas and time the resin to cure enough for me to go back into the resin to have it hold patterns and textures I create with my fingers, brushes and sticks. These textures will distort and reflect patterns of light and shadow onto a color panel behind the sculptural drawing. These pieces interact with the light in their environment and change according to the source and strength of light and where the viewer stands. They are dimensional.

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