Ripple effect
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Ripple Effect collection
Collection of Ripples at BAU Gallery.
set of 4 Ripple Effect San Francisco
Ripple Effect in a private home in Connecticut
Blue and White collection
Ripple Effect side view
Ripple Effect collection on a grey wall at Chase Edwards Fine Art
2 collections at The McLoughlin Gallery San Francisco
Ripple Effect frosted plexiglas
Ripple Effect winter white
Ripple Effect small blue
Ripple small aqua
Coke Bottle Green Ripple
Ripple Effect rose pink
Ripple Effect light green  hung on a silver wallpaper
Ripple Effect aqua steel
Ocean colors Ripple in natural light
Ocean colors Ripples in Gallery lighting
Ripples in Pinks gallery lightng
Natural light
Blue green gold fuscia
Children's Hospital Boston proposal natural light
Children's Hospital Boston proposal gallery lighting
Ripple Effect in pastels on a soft pink baby nursery wall
Ripple Effect small dark iris blue
Ripple collection in private home The Hamptons
Ripple Collection in a private home in Florida
Design house magazine  article.

Ripple Effect hand cast and free form poured resins, enamel on acrylic panels 

The idea for my Ripple Effect series came about while watching my toddler and baby dropping balls into a kiddie pool on the back porch one hot summer long ago. I have daughters which means plenty of nail polish and glitter in my house. It was inevitable that the nail polish would find its way in my art in the balls I hand cast for Ripple Effect. The series plays with the idea of light and shadow and water and fun childhood memories. 

Panels are 15"x15" or 12"x12" each

Balls come in small, medium and large. Customize your colors. Need a different size panel? All panels are by commission.