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Liquid Rhythms - Sculptural Drawings and Paintings in Resin



Born in Los Angeles and raised in the vibrant city of Palm Springs, California; as a child, I practically lived in the swimming pool. My hair perpetually tinged with a green hue from the chlorinated water. Those seemingly mundane hours spent gazing at the mesmerizing patterns the sun cast upon the water's surface unknowingly paved the way for my artistic journey.


At heart, I am an eternal experimenter. Within the confines of this website, you will encounter a myriad of variations on the theme of water in motion, intricately woven through my drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations. Over the past 15 years, my artistic explorations have revolved around the fusion of resins, plexiglass and water concepts. However, my affinity for combining non-traditional, industrial materials with traditional artistic mediums has been ingrained within me since my college days. It is through these material explorations that my art perpetually embarks on new trajectories, driven by the revelations of "happy accidental discoveries" often leading me to invent processes and forms entirely my own. Though my resulting works may exude an air of simplicity, they are often intricate and involved, embodying a captivating interplay between tranquility, boldness, and the ethereal. It is within this realm of the ethereal that I strive for.


Graduating with Honors in Art from the innovative Johnston Center at the University of Redlands, I discovered my artistic compass under the guidance of noted Los Angeles figurative painter, John Nava. Nava not only instilled in me a love for experimentation but also fortified my artistic foundation. I earned my MFA at MICA Mount Royal Graduate School of Art in Baltimore. There, I had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of Sal Scarpitta, a renowned sculptor celebrated for his captivating explorations of motion. It was through Scarpitta's invaluable mentorship that I learned to trust my instincts and embrace the depths of my artistic intuition.


Following my studies, New York beckoned, promising a fertile ground for the cultivation of my artistic career . Eventually we settled in the artistic hub of the Hudson Valley; a serene place to raise our two daughters in a supportive place for the arts. After many years in NY, my husband, Stephen, and I embarked on a new chapter in 2020, seeking fresh adventures in Milford, Connecticut. Here, we built a sanctuary—a new studio overlooking the shores of the Long Island Sound, a constant wellspring of inspiration infusing my creative process.

My Art History
Part of my work ethos was learning the whole art business from the top down and bottom up. This lead me to curating shows and positions as director of the Beacon Artist Union and Skylight Gallery NYC in Chelsea and the co-creator of NY Meets Berlin which created a decade of reciprocal artist dialogs. I also created the “Freedom & Art” Project which brought together over 70 Mirca Group artists from 27 different countries together in a fundraiser book for Amnesty International with traveling exhibitions in NYC, Beacon, Newburgh, Sweden, South Africa and Germany. My curation in Berlin, Germany in June of 2018 garnered positive reviews by Barbara Hopp of Feuilletonscouts and pick of the week in Art Life Berlin.  


My own artworks have graced galleries, universities, museums, and public spaces both nationally and internationally. Notable venues include the American Embassy in Turkey, the permanent collection of the University Art Museum at SW Minnesota State, The Dorsky Museum SUNY, The Tabernacle MoMA  Wales, The New Museum Ideas City Festival Arts Brookfield, The Children's Hospitals in Cincinnati and Boston, the Solarium on RCCL's Ship "Harmony of the Seas," the Lobby of the Marriott Waikiki, The Whitney Los Gatos, and Tria Gallery in NYC. For a comprehensive list of exhibitions, please refer to my Exhibitions page.


I had the honor of being a featured artist in the Ty Marshall film, "NEW SCHOOL: A Hudson Valley Artists Profile," which celebrated the profiles of 13 of the most prominent artists from the region.

In 2014 I was awarded the Connecticut Sea Grant- a partnership between the University of Connecticut and the nation’s primary ocean agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for my Sea Foam Sculptural Drawings.



You can find my artworks showcased at esteemed galleries such as

Chase Edwards Fine Art in Bridgehampton, NY

Amy Simon Fine Art in Westport, CT

Denise Bibro Fine Art in NYC

BeaconArt Shortwave Gallery in Stone Harbor, NJ

Libby Sylvia Artstyle in Wellesly, MA

Alida Anderson Projects in Washington, D.C.

Brenda Taylor Projects in Boston (on Dibs)

Gallery13 in Minneapolis (on Artsy)


Artist Bio

In 2015 and 2016 the demand for my artwork grew to the point that I had to simplify my life. I loved being director and curator of Skylight Gallery NYC and curator at The Beacon Room at BAU Gallery. I also loved being a prolific artist, a wife and mother of two wonderful daughters. I just had too many plates spinning and something had to give. I made the tough decision to leave my gallery and take a years sabbatical from BAU. The reality is I have always been an artist first and being successful enough to be able to follow my heart and concentrate exclusively on creating art is


My artwork has been included in over 300 exhibitions in national and international exhibitions in museums, universities and galleries.

My artworks are available at

Chase Edwards Fine Art Bridge Hampton NY

Denise Bibro Fine Art NYC

Brenda Taylor Projects Boston MA 

BeaconArt Shortwave Gallery Stone Harbor NJ

Alida Anderson Projects Washington DC

McGuire Fine Art Fredrick MD

BAU Gallery Beacon NY

Kunstleben Berlin Galleri Berlin Germany

I work closely with many interior designers and art placement firms; creating large and small scale commissions for corporate offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hospitals and family homes of all sizes.  

Carla graduated with honors from the University of Redlands, California, where she studied with esteemed Los Angeles based figurative painter John Nava and noted Leo Castelli artist Sal Scarpitta. At MICA's Mount Royal Graduate School of Art, she received her MFA degree. She now resides in the tiny hamlet of Nelsonville in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Carla Goldberg is the winner of the 2014 Connecticut Sea Grant made possible by UConn Avery Point and The US Gov. organization NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration) for her “Seafoam” Sculptural Drawings.

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