Liquid Rhythms - Sculptural Drawings and Paintings in Resin


Water is Life 

Some have called my art "Liquid Rhythms".


I am an experimenter at heart. What you will find here is a collection of variations on the theme of water and memory.


For more than a decade, I have worked primarily with resins and water concepts in one form or another combining  these non-traditional, industrial materials with traditional art mediums where inventiveness pushes my art constantly into new forms. The interesting thing about combining these materials is that often I end up inventing processes and  forms no one else does.


The resulting work can be deceptively simple but is often very intricate and involved.

I like the contrast in my work between the quiet, the bold and the ethereal. My art practice includes exhibiting in galleries and working closely with many interior designers and art placement firms creating large and small scale commissions for corporate offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hospitals and family homes of all sizes. 

The long and short of it all 
For years I juggled a triple life of Artist, Gallery Director/Curator at two galleries and a family including my pretty awesome husband Stephen and my two equally awesome daughters Jenna and Lucy.


It worked for a while and I honestly didn't sleep much. I was convinced I could do it all until one day my body said "NO!" and shut down quite dramatically. In 2015 and 2016 between the demand for my own artwork and major health issues, I had to make a tough decision. As much as I loved directing and curating at Skylight Gallery NYC and at The Beacon Room at BAU, I knew it was time to simplify life and concentrate exclusively on my own art practice, family and myself. I had no doubt it was the right choice and I couldn't be happier about this decision. I am a full time mixed media artist, wife and mom of two creative daughters. 

A bit about my background
I grew up in Palm Springs, CA with my grandparents in a retirement condo. My Granny Freda was the tiniest but mightiest woman I ever knew, all 90 lbs of her. She is why I do what I do. Everyone needs a Freda in their corner pushing them to follow their heart. Thank you, Grandma, for believing in art and me.

I graduated with honors from the University of Redlands with a double major in Art and Art History. There I studied with noted Los Angeles based figurative painter John Nava and studied with Leo Castelli artist, Sal Scarpitta, at MICA's Mount Royal Graduate School of Art in Baltimore where I received my MFA degree. After living in the Hudson River Valley for many years and working in Cold Spring and Beacon, NY, I now make my home along the Connecticut coast.

My artwork has been included in over 300 national and international galleries, universities and museums.

My artworks are available at:

  • Chase Edwards Fine Art, Bridge Hampton, NY and Hobe Sound, FL 

  • Denise Bibro Fine Art NYC

  • Brenda Taylor Projects Boston, MA

  • BeaconArt Shortwave Gallery Stone Harbor, NJ 

  • Gallery Vibe Naples FL

  • BLINK, Cincinnati, OH

  • BAU Gallery, Beacon, NY

  • Kunstleben Berlin Galerie Berlin, Germany  


  • 2014 Sea Grant awarded by the University Of Connecticut and The National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for her “Seafoam”Sculptural Drawings

  • 2019 Female Mid-Career Summit Artist of the Year "Art Comes Alive"


  • The Marriott in Waikiki, Hawaii, 

  • The historic "Breakers" in West Palm Beach 

  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Harmony of the Seas in their outdoor solarium

  • The Westin, Cancun 

  • Children's Hospital Cincinnati

Artist Bio

In 2015 and 2016 the demand for my artwork grew to the point that I had to simplify my life. I loved being director and curator of Skylight Gallery NYC and curator at The Beacon Room at BAU Gallery. I also loved being a prolific artist, a wife and mother of two wonderful daughters. I just had too many plates spinning and something had to give. I made the tough decision to leave my gallery and take a years sabbatical from BAU. The reality is I have always been an artist first and being successful enough to be able to follow my heart and concentrate exclusively on creating art is


My artwork has been included in over 300 exhibitions in national and international exhibitions in museums, universities and galleries.

My artworks are available at

Chase Edwards Fine Art Bridge Hampton NY

Denise Bibro Fine Art NYC

Brenda Taylor Projects Boston MA 

BeaconArt Shortwave Gallery Stone Harbor NJ

Alida Anderson Projects Washington DC

McGuire Fine Art Fredrick MD

BAU Gallery Beacon NY

Kunstleben Berlin Galleri Berlin Germany

I work closely with many interior designers and art placement firms; creating large and small scale commissions for corporate offices, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hospitals and family homes of all sizes.  

Carla graduated with honors from the University of Redlands, California, where she studied with esteemed Los Angeles based figurative painter John Nava and noted Leo Castelli artist Sal Scarpitta. At MICA's Mount Royal Graduate School of Art, she received her MFA degree. She now resides in the tiny hamlet of Nelsonville in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Carla Goldberg is the winner of the 2014 Connecticut Sea Grant made possible by UConn Avery Point and The US Gov. organization NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration) for her “Seafoam” Sculptural Drawings.