Sea Foam

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The Jersey Shore (detail)
Boynton Beach 1
Boynton Beach 2
Boynton Beach 3
Rocky Neck
Waikiki Beach (detail)
Sheffield Island
Winter Morning On The Hudson
Starboard Panel 5 (detail)
Reception At Acumen Cope NYC
Starboard And Winter NightsBoxSculpture
Starboard panels 5 and 6
Little Strips Installation At NYU Langone
Silver Sands At Chase Edwards Fine Art
Triptych At Denise Bibro Fine Art
Boynton Beach Triptych
The Hamptons Diptych
Santa Monica (detail)
Winter Cold Spring On Hudson
Collection Of Small Seafoam Sculptural Drawings

These Seafoam drawings works are based on my childhood memory of water at the edge of a beach.
It brings me back instantly to visions of summer retreats with my Dad's family on the Jersey Shore and winter treks with my Grandparents to the California Coastline, Hawaii and other world ports.

sample sizes include


See something you like, but need a different color or pattern? Need a specific size? Consider commissioning a work of art or hanging multiple panels.

About The Images

All hand drawn, hundreds of thousands of pinpoint dots on both sides of a sheet of plexiglas. These are resin and white ink drawings. They are from memory. They are NOT traced or printed or photocopied. Each is an exercise in decision making for every single dot of ink and gel. Light is an important aspect of my work. These pieces interact with their environment and change according to the source and strength of light. All of these works are clear, frosted and white. The color is another layer behind the works.