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Listening To Illusions

It's been a very busy 2022 so far and thank goodness. As the work comes down today at the Bendheim Gallery for the 105th Greenwich Art Society Open juried by Brinda Kumar Assoc. Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art at the Met, another show opens up at Amy Simon Fine Art in Westport, CT. I get to show there with the amazing Cathy Choi whose work I have followed for years. The show is called Listening To Illusions. I'm including the showcard and a few images from the show which runs thru June 18th at the bottom of this post.

Speaking of Listening to Illusions, I have been spending time working on furthering the illusions that happen with all the light and shadow and depth in my artworks and making the presentation of my artwork cleaner, more professional and more high end. I have also been spending time really listening to my emotional self. What do I want and not want? How do I go about it moving forward?

I am in a new town and region. I need to establish new roots. It is like starting over at times. I realize that for so many of us, the pandemic and of course moving, interrupted the whole "conversations and back and forth" many artists crave. Those interactions help to keep me inspired and feel supported by an artists community. It still missing for me but a little less now. I have been working on it. I know it can be daunting when thinking of diving in. It is far easier to just stay in the studio but, then who would see the work? Who do you bounce ideas off of? The best ideas come from conversations on things sometimes not even related but give sudden flashes of ideas. At least that's what happens to me.

Currently I am searching and joining organizations and trying to meet more artists. Searching on line for groups, reaching out to artists I meet along the way and making dates for coffee or a meal to get to know them. Joining in on the meetings on line and a few in person now in the organizations I joined. I think I have done pretty well in reaching out this past year. I look forward to staying in touch with old friends and making new ones. I'm feeling my way through the art scene in Connecticut, the New England region and beyond. I'm really proud of the work I have done so far. I am now a proud member of these organizations.

New England Sculptors Association (NESA)

Silvermine Guild of Artists

Westport Artists Collective

Ridgefield Guild of Artists

Connecticut Women Artists Inc

National Sculpture Society

For those of us searching, remember our computers and phones (honestly live on my phone and hate going on to my computer) are amazing tool for finding people, organizations, things we love, places to go to or apply to. I hope my blog inspires fellow artists to reach out to find their way and figure out their mission(s) and find themselves new roots. Feel free to reach out to me or others. It's important to know that it never hurts to ask people for information, ideas or help. What's the worse that can happen. No one replies or says I don't know? If they say something cruel, remember it's not on you. It's their problem to deal with if they are miserable enough to be miserable to you. "NO" is not the worse thing to hear. It just means NEXT!

Here are a few images for my show up at Amy Simon Fine Art. Enjoy and be curious.

After 2 long days of hanging art

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