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March Madness, Holi Love and Color and Women's History Month

March is the month where the weather on the east coast is iffy and we sneak out on those warm days and bundle up under blankets on those cold days. Tiny splashes of the first spring colors begin to pop up from brown yards. This year the East Coast weather seems to have switched places with the West Coast. I'm all about the colors in nature begging to be noticed. Don't take it for granted. It will be gone again soon enough.

Today, March 8th is also Holi which celebrates the arrival of Spring in India, the end of winter, and the blossoming of love. For many, it is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationship. Something the whole world is in need of right now.

March is of course Women's History Month and the fight for equality and Women's rights has taken on an even bigger, more urgent focus. The Rights that we as American Women never thought we would have to fight to keep, let alone see them lost in state after state and court after court is beyond devastating. I have exhibited in many Women's History exhibitions over the years, but never has the current one I am in felt so personal and important. Anyone who has ever said art is "meaningless "or "fluff" or just "adults playing" or a "waste of time" doesn't understand that art is a form of language. Often IMAGERY is more powerful than the WORDS used to describe.

Artists for 8 Women Marching On. Artists include the late, great Lee Krasner pictured on the phone. In alphabetical order, Laurie Fisher, Carla Goldberg, Melissa Mack, Julie Bowers Murphy, Dale Najarian, Wendy Briggs Powell, Katie Riesco

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